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Get Your Spring Greens On!

Posted on May 6, 2015

Our greens are now available in stores. Look for bags of our gourmet salad mix, spinach, braising greens, leaf lettuce and bok choy at the following fine food shops:

april greenhouse 3Ottawa West: Rainbow Foods, Herb and Spice on Wellington, West End Well, Around the Block Butcher Shop, Piggy Market
Ottawa Centre: Market Organics, Red Apron, Seed to Sausage
Ottawa East: Nature’s Buzz
Perth: Foodsmiths
Kemptville: B&H

Our 2015-2016 Winter Vegetable CSA shares go on sale this summer.  We aren’t offering a summer CSA this year, but there are many good options in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. If you’re interested, check out the Ottawa C.S.A. website for a listing of CSA farms and their drop-off points.

In other spring news, the water line to our barn and greenhouses, frozen since December, started running again in mid-April. After several months of hauling water by tractor from the house, irrigating by hand and cleaning veggies in our mudroom, it was a real luxury to turn on the hose and sprinklers!

Our greenhouse heating system was turned off at the beginning of March, and now we’re making sure the greenhouses don’t overheat. A system of louvers and exhaust fans allows us to moderate the temperature and humidity.

With the abundant daylight and water, and finally some warmer weather, growth has really taken off in the greenhouses. We can’t harvest, wash and pack fast enough to keep up with the salad! We’re in the process of hiring more help for the summer and look forward to extra hands at the farm.

We haven’t forgotten about our Winter CSA though – we have over 30 trays of onion, leek, shallot and celeriac seedlings growing in our greenhouses for next winter’s shares. These will move outdoors soon in preparation for transplanting into the fields later this month. We’ll also be planting potatoes and squash seedlings in May.

And…. the garlic is up! A sure sign of spring.

Until next time, enjoy the sunshine and the increasing supply of local food!