Fall Greens CSA Member Agreement

As a CSA member, you are entering into an agreement with our farm. By signing up for a share, you agree to the following terms. Please read carefully and contact us if you have questions. You can also visit our CSA FAQs page for more details.

2018 FALL SHARE SEASON: 10 weekly deliveries, from the week of October 15th until the week of December 17th (see our Pick-up Schedule for exact dates and times).

PICK-UP TIMES AND LOCATIONS: When you sign up, you commit to picking up each box at the same time and place. If you are ever unable to pick up your share, you are welcome to send someone on your behalf. We don’t need to know in advance; the person picking up just has to give your name.

MISSED SHARES: We are not able to arrange alternate times or locations for off-farm pick-ups. As we outsource our delivery, we are unable to bring missed shares back to our farm, or to leave them behind after the pick-up time.

Ottawa members: If your box is not picked up at the regular time, you forfeit your share for that week. (See What if I can’t pick up my box? for more.)

For members who pick up at the farm, a later pick-up can be arranged with advance notice.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE AND REFUNDS: CSA fees are due in full by the time you pick up your first box in October. (See Why do I have to pay up front? for more.) As we incur input costs for many months before shares are sold, we are unable to issue refunds, even if the delivery season has not started yet.

CHANGING LOCATIONS: If you need to make a one-time location change during the season (eg. you move), we will do our best to accommodate this, based on available space. This change will incur an admin fee of $25 plus any difference between your old and new delivery fees.

EXTREME WEATHER: In the event of extreme weather conditions that make delivery or pick-up impossible, we will notify you by email before your pick-up time. We will also confirm an alternate pick-up day at your regular location.

CSA NEWSLETTER: You will receive an email newsletter the day before each delivery, with a produce list, recipe ideas, farm news and any schedule updates. Members are expected to read the newsletter to stay informed of changes.

VISITING THE FARM: All CSA members are invited to our Farm Tours every spring and fall. If you would like to help on the farm, let us know!

OUR COMMITMENT: We appreciate the support and commitment of our CSA customers, and our top priority on the farm is to ensure the quantity and quality of produce in each basket. We commit to providing a diversity of high quality organic greens. We grow a wide range of varieties to reduce the risk of crop failures, and we do everything in our abilities (in keeping with the Canadian Organic Standards) to adapt to challenges posed by weather conditions, pests and disease.

YOUR COMMITMENT: Part of the CSA model is that members share the risk and rewards of farming. Growing organic vegetables has inherent risks. We are happy to provide an abundance when crops are plentiful, and we ask for your understanding if some crops are less plentiful than expected.

Thank you for supporting sustainable food production in your region!

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