CSA Shares

Update April 2020: We are not offering a CSA program this year. However, we are working on a new option to connect you with local food that we’re excited to announce soon! Visit www.farmhousefood.ca to learn more. Stay tuned for details in the coming weeks…


A Fall Greens CSA Share extends your season of eating locally. It increases your intake of farm fresh, certified organic, nutrient-dense greens. You will see and taste the difference from the grocery store.

What’s in a Share?

Our 5 heated greenhouses allow us to offer a unique Fall Community Supported Agriculture or CSA Share, after most Summer CSA programs have ended. (See What is CSA? for more on this model).

Members sign up to receive 10 weekly baskets of greens from mid-October to mid-December. Each basket includes 5 bags or bunches of freshly harvested greens ready for salad, smoothies, or cooking.

Items will include spinach, baby kale, mesclun mix, lettuce, arugula, baby swiss chard, mustard and Asian greens, garlic, and more. Contents will vary each week based on availability.

Pick-up Location and Schedule

CSA members pick up their greens at Bluegrass Farm on Tuesdays after 4 pm, from October 8th to December 10th. We are located near Jasper, 15 minutes from Smiths Falls or Merrickville, 30 minutes from Kemptville or Brockville.

Zero-Waste CSA Option

We offer a Zero-Waste Pick-up option from 4-6 pm on pickup days. Bring your own bags for each item, and we will pack and weigh your greens when you arrive. You can also choose to collect your greens prepacked in reusable plastic bags.

Members arriving after 6 pm will have their shares prepacked for them.

Pricing and Payment Options

Each weekly basket is worth $25, for a total share price of $250.

Full payment is due by the time you pick up your first share. Payment can be made by cheque (to Bluegrass Farm, 714 Kinch St, Jasper ON, K0G 1G0), email money transfer (to Leela@bluegrassfarm.ca), or cash.


All members must review our CSA Member Agreement before registering. If you still have questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or don’t hesitate to contact us. By signing up and paying, you agree to the terms of the Member Agreement.

To register, please email Leela@bluegrassfarm.ca and indicate your interest in a Fall Greens CSA Share.


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